Trevor Berbick


"Drama in Bahama"
Queen Elizabeth Sports Center, Nassau, Bahamas
December 11, 1981
Berbick won a 10-round unanimous decision

About Trevor Berbick

Born August 1, 1955 in Port Antonio, Jamaica
Died October 28, 2006
Career record: 49 wins (33 KO), 11 defeats (2 KO), 1 draw

Berbick, who claimed to have had a vision from God when he was just 16, held the WBC heavyweight title for a short time in 1986, until he lost it to Mike Tyson by a second round TKO. He was the last man to meet Ali in the ring, winning a ten-round unanimous decision, and ending one of the greatest careers in boxing history. Tyson told the YES network's Michael Kay that he viewed his match-up with Berbick as a revenge for the way Berbick had beaten Ali. "I just thought he unmercifully beat the crap out of Ali," Tyson said. "I thought that he didn't have to do that." Berbick and Larry Holmes are the only two men to have fought both Tyson and Ali.

Arrested several times throughout his life, Berbick was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually assaulting his children's babysitter. Released after 15 months, he violated his parole and was deported from the United States in 1997. He returned to retire in Florida with his wife and three of his children, and became a boxing trainer at Kenny Barrett's Gym. Once again, he got into trouble with the law, and was deported for the second time in 2002.

Berbick was beaten to death with a steel pipe at a church in Norwich, Jamaica in 2006. One of the two men arrested for the crime was Berbick's nephew, 20-year old Harold Berbick. He was found guilty of murdering his uncle, supposedly over a land dispute, and sentenced to life in prison.

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