Jurgen Blin


Hallenstadion Arena, Zurich, Switzerland
December 26, 1971
Ali won a 7th round knockout

About Jurgen Blin

Born April 7, 1943 in Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Currently resides in Hamburg, Germany
Career record: 30 wins (8 KO), 12 defeats (4 KO), 6 draws

Blin grew up in poverty and made a vow to himself that he would overcome his beginnings and never be poor again. Throughout his career as a pro boxer, he also worked as a butcher. Blin was tough in the ring, had extraordinary stamina, and was greatly admired by German boxing fans. He beat German heavyweight champion Gerhard Zech to briefly hold the title, but lost to Joe Bugner the following year when he attempted to win the European heavyweight title. In 1972, he enjoyed his greatest win in the ring when he beat Jose Urtain for the European Heavyweight Championship. However, in October 1972, he fought Bugner once again and was knocked out in the eighth round.

Ali clearly outmatched Blin when they fought in 1971, and the fight was poorly attended, even though Ali and Blin were both popular in Europe. Blin went down in the seventh round and got up hurt. The referee called the fight.

Blin purchased a fast food business that he developed into three successful bars in the Hamburg, Germany subway system. In 2002, he collaborated with author Stephen Brunt to write "Facing Ali". In their book, Blin said that "fighting Ali was the greatest honor of his life."

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