Lamar Clark


Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY
April 19, 1961
Clay won a 2nd round KO

About Lamar Clark

Born December 1934 in Cedar City, UT
Died November 5, 2006
Career record: 45 wins (42 KO), 3 defeats (3 KO)
"Cedar City Bomber"

Clark was a Utah chicken farmer before he made professional boxing his short-lived career. After winning the Golden Gloves heavyweight title in 1957, he turned pro and won his first fight with a close 6-round decision (the only one of his pro fights to go the distance). On December 1, 1958, he defeated six opponents in one night, all of them by knockout, and all but one in the first round. He still holds the record for the most consecutive KO's with 44. Yet he never fought for a title, he was never ranked, and he was little known outside of his home state of Utah. Some say the secret of his success was the opponents he chose. By the time he reached 25-0, only one of his victims had ever won a fight. He was described in the newspapers as a rugged brawler, but he was clearly outclassed by Cassius Clay who stopped him in just two rounds. That was to be Lamar Clark's last fight. When he retired with the world record knockout title, he was just 27 years old.

Lamar Clark Items

Cassius Clay / Lamar Clark Black/White Press Photo
PH-6724 Cassius Clay / Lamar Clark Black/White Press Photo
Cassius Clay Lamar Clark Photograph
PH-6726 Cassius Clay Lamar Clark Photograph

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