Muhammad Ali / Joe Frazier Head Gear
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Muhammad Ali / Joe Frazier Head Gear

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The Greatest Rivalry in Sports History! Frazier and Ali met three times, perhaps the greatest trilogy in boxing history. The title was finally his after he triumphed over Ali in the much-anticipated “Fight of the Century” in 1971. Three years later, Ali enjoyed revenge when he won a unanimous decision against Frazier. Frazier would make his final attempt at regaining the World Heavyweight Title in the 1975 “Thrilla in Manila” rubber match. It was a brutal battle that Ali won with a TKO in the 14th round, but both boxers would feel the affects of the fight for years to come. Ali called it “the closest thing to death that I could feel”.

Authenticated by Steve Jackson Authentications and Online Authentics

Fight History


"The Fight of the Century"
Madison Square Garden, NY
March 8, 1971
Frazier won a 15-round unanimous decision

Frazier grew up in a poor Southern family, so poor that he couldn't afford a punching bag. Instead, he improvised by cutting leather into the shape of a punching bag, filling it with foam-wrapped bricks, and hanging it from the ... Read More

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