1959 Cassius Clay National Golden Gloves Program
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1959 Cassius Clay National Golden Gloves Program

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Extremely rare piece of boxing memorabilia: an original program from the National Golden Gloves Competition held in Chicago in 1959. After winning the competition in the 175-lb. class, Cassius Clay went on to win as a Golden Gloves heavyweight and as an Olympic light-heavyweight Gold Medalist, both in 1960. The 8-page program also features Jimmy Ellis who competed in the 160-lb. class. Condition issues include a vertical crease, an inner page with a small missing edge piece affecting some of the names and cities of the lighter weight contestants, minimal writing in the lowest weight classes, and a loose centerfold with staple holes along the inner edge. Clay's group is clean and intact. Considering its age and rarity, the program is in very good condition.

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