Spanning the Decades from Rome to Atlanta: The
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Spanning the Decades from Rome to Atlanta: The "Greatest" Moments in Olympics History with Cassius Clay & Muhammad Ali

Item # FC-2331

Ten authentic pieces of Olympics history in a handsome, custom-crafted, solid wood shadowbox frame with double suede mat, conservation plexiglas and all acid-free materials. 55-1/2" w x 46-1/2" h. All memorabilia is authentic and all autographs are genuine, guaranteed for life by Steve Jackson, the leading authority on Ali memorabilia and the owner of the world's largest collection for sale of vintage Ali memorabilia.

Ten rare and unusual Olympics items include 6 autographs (3 Cassius Clay and 3 Muhammad Ali):

  • 16 x 20" B/W photo of Cassius Clay wearing his Olympics blazer, taken in Rome in 1960 and autographed Cassius Clay
  • Original ticket to the 1960 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Rome, Italy
  • Original ticket to a 1960 Olympics boxing match in Rome, Italy
  • Original program from the 1960 Rome Olympics, with a contemporary Cassius Clay autograph
  • 7-1/2 x 5-1/2" B/W action wire photo of Cassius Clay competing in the 1960 Rome Olympics, autographed Cassius Clay
  • 16 x 20" full color photo of Muhammad Ali carrying the Olympics torch at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Opening Ceremony, autographed Muhammad Ali
  • Original ticket to the 1996 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Original ticket to a 1996 Olympics boxing match in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Original program from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, autographed Muhammad Ali
  • Authentic 1996 Atlanta, Georgia Olympics torch, autographed Muhammad Ali

Authenticated by Steve Jackson Authentications and Online Authentics

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