Muhammad Ali / Joe Bugner II Poster
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Muhammad Ali / Joe Bugner II Poster

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24 x 28" yellow, red and black cardboard poster written in Chinese. Printed specifically to hang in New York's Chinatown district to advertise the second Ali/Bugner fight on July 1, 1975 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Carlos Monzon/Tony Licata fight on June 30, 1975 at Madison Square Garden. Ali/Bugner was shown closed circuit at the Garden; the Monzon fight was live. Autographed Muhammad Ali. In excellent condition.

Authenticated by Steve Jackson Authentications and Online Authentics

Fight History


Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
February 14, 1973
Ali won a 12 round unanimous decision

Bugner and his family fled to England after the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary and he holds triple nationality: he is a citizen of Hungary and a naturalized citizen of both the United Kingdom and Australia. He was the British ... Read More

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