Muhammad Ali / Jerry Quarry I Poster
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Muhammad Ali / Jerry Quarry I Poster

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Linen backed original 14 x 22" closed circuit poster advertising a viewing of the "Return of the Champion" poster from Ali's first fight after his return from a 3-year exile. Quarry was the only ranked heavyweight who would step into the ring with Ali, and he was favored to win the October 26, 1970 match-up in Atlanta, Georgia. The match was competitive until Ali opened a deep cut over Quarry's eye and the fight was stopped before the fourth round. The poster features photos of both fighters. In excellent to near mint condition.

Fight History


Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, GA
October 26, 1970
Ali won a 3rd round TKO

Quarry was ranked the number one heavyweight in the world at least four times between 1968 and 1974, but he had the misfortune of contending in an era of three great champions. A hero to his large Irish-American family, Quarry's ... Read More

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