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"Get up and fight sucker!" Hand Painted Boxing Shoes

Item # SH-3710

Hand painted on Boxing Equipment

by Renowned Sports Artist Jolene Jessie

Jolene captures some of Ali's finest moments, using boxing equipment as her canvas, to create these one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Jolene has been painting athletes' portraits on sports equipment for more than two decades for professional athletes, sports teams, agents, corporations, charities and private collections. Alico is pleased to offer you the opportunity to add one of her original hand paintings to your collection.


Jolene's interpretation of one of sports' most famous photographs: Muhammad Ali drops Sonny Liston with a "phantom punch" less than two minutes into the first round. Boxing historians still debate whether or not he actually connected or if Liston took a fall when Clay successfully defended his World Heavyweight Title on May 25, 1965. Hand painted on Everlast white leather boots. Autographed by Muhammad Ali in black Sharpie on his 52nd birthday January 17, 1994.

Authenticated by Steve Jackson Authentications and Online Authentics

Fight History


Miami Beach Convention Hall, Florida
February 25, 1964
Clay won a 7th round TKO

The son of a sharecropper, Liston was born into abject poverty, believed to be one of 25 children sired by his abusive father. His trouble with the law began at an early age: he was sentenced to eight years in ... Read More

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