Cassius Clay / George Logan Program
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Cassius Clay / George Logan Program

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Official on-site fight program, one of the rarest from Clay's phenomenal career. Clay was the six-to-one favorite when he entered the ring on April 23, 1962. By the fourth round, Logan had deep cuts over his left eye and the fight was stopped, giving Clay the TKO. The 7-3/4" x 11-1/2" program features 8 pages and an artist's illustration of Joe Louis on the cover. Excellent condition, with some wear to the binding.

Fight History


Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA
April 23, 1962
Clay won a 4th round TKO

Clay entered the ring as a six to one favorite against Logan, and won easily with a TKO in the fourth round after the fight was stopped due to deep cuts over Logan's left eye. A significant side bar to ... Read More

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