Muhammad Ali / George Foreman Poster
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Muhammad Ali / George Foreman Poster "From Slave Ship To Championship"

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One of the rarest of all Ali on-site posters promoting the "Rumble in the Jungle" between Ali and George Foreman. Zaire's President Mobutu Sese Seko requested that the fight be held in his country, eager for the publicity it was sure to attract. But after seeing this poster, he demanded that they all be destroyed. The 25x38" poster features full-color artwork by David Mosley to promote one of the most important fights in boxing history. Ali and his famous rope-a-dope dominate the artwork which also features chained slaves, the continent of Africa, and Don King. Linen-backed, in excellent condition.

Fight History


"Rumble in the Jungle"
20th May Stadium, Kinshasa, Zaire
October 30, 1974
Ali won an 8th round KO

The renaissance man of the boxing world, Foreman is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, an Olympic Gold Medalist, an ordained Baptist minister, an author and a hugely successful entrepreneur. In addition to all these achievements, he's ranked number nine on ... Read More

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